National Projects

Fairhaven’s, Nainital

Spread over two acres of undulating terrace gardens with an idyllic view and located minutes from the MALL. 

The main service of the YWCA of Nainital, which originally owned this building since 1913, is to provide board and residential facilities for working women.

After 1947, the membership of the Association started dwindling, and so its assets including the building were transferred to the YWCA of India in 1968.  The YWCA of India then developed it into a full-fledged Holiday Home after enlarging it in 1968 and continued to manage it till 1994. 

Since then, the interior plan of the building has been changed to create 28 independent rooms with attached toilets and baths, resulting into 28 well furnished units with excellent hotel standards in the main building and four independent cottages.

“Fairhavens” due to excellent media projection and professional marketing, it is retained as one of the 5 top properties of Nainital in the world in just six years and boasts the honour of hosting well known personalities from cinema stars, politicians and socialites.

Contact number:- (05942) 236057/ 232972


 Pine Retreat, Mussoorie

‘Doon View’ as it was called before being renamed  “PINE RETREAT”, overlooks a fascinating view of Dehra Dun.  This busy town transforms miraculously into a lighted fairyland at night.  Located amidst the picturesque backdrop of the Shivalik Mountains the foundation stone of ‘Doon View’ YWCA Mussoorie was laid in 1916. 

Till 1994, the YWCA of India developed and ran the place as a Holiday Home cum Summer School. 

The “Pine Retreat” located near Hampton Court, just below the Mall, has a separate approach road from the main highway with parking facility inside the premises.  The property is completely camouflaged by huge Pine trees from the main mall.

The Hotel Structure is over 100 years old, which is now, completely renovated keeping in mind the old ambience of the place.  The 18 well laid out rooms with all modern amenities, are the most comfortable ones in the area.  There is cozy recreation room with T.T. Table and Carom Board, Billiards Table and Tennis Court for relaxation.  The peak season is from May to mid July and opens 8 months in a year.

The chief attraction of this Guest House is its vicinity to the shopping mall of Mussoorie and yet being able to maintain its quietness in a peaceful, beautiful and spacious surrounding.  The Retreat strives to be the best in Mussoorie and till now has reached its target.

Contact number:- (0135) 2632513/2631213


Spreadacres, Dehra Dun – A Service Project for the Elderly

The YWCA of India Project at Dehra Dun, which started in 1945, caters especially to the elderly and to young women.  “Spreadacres” House is located at the foot hills of the Shivalik ranges of the Himalayas .The project was started with the objective of providing residential home to retired elderly women who needed a safe place to stay.

A high standard is maintained and all facilities are provided to make the elderly residents comfortable.  Sale of fruits from the orchard, which is part of the premises, goes towards the costs for annual repairs of the property.  Other contingency amounts are managed through the YWCA of India funds.

Elderly Home- No new residents being taken due to renovation

Contact number:- (0135) 2746712

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Proposed Multipurpose Centre for Senior Citizens

“Wyoming”, Coonoor located in an estate of almost 16 acres of wooded land in the heart of Coonoor and very favourably placed came into existence in 1905.  Earlier utilized as a Missionary Holiday Home, it became a National Project in 1969.

“Wyoming”, Coonoor attracts many tourists and transit guests because of residential schools situated in the vicinity.  Excursion groups from schools and colleges are also housed and provided low cost guest services at the Project

The Project can accommodate a total number of 50 persons but is unable to provide all meals due to lack of professional staff.

The Project is generating most of its funds for self administration through the guest facilities and the Tea garden in the 1 hectare and there has been talk of selling out a piece of land which cannot be utilized due to its deep slope but part of the flat area has recently been converted to provide space for games and camp fire.  Major repairs have also been completed to give it a more comfortable and welcoming look.

Contact number: (0423)2234426/ 2231160



YWCA International Guest House, New Delhi

A welcoming annex to the National Headquarters for four decades, the International Guest House cater to transit guests on shoestring budget both foreigners and Indian since it was opened in 1962, the IGH is located in the heart of the city, close to the Connaught Place and Parliament House both which are a hub of activity socially and politically.

Though the objective was to provide transit guest facilities to YWCA members and middle income tourists, the Project was also conceived to be an income generating service to help finance the YWCA of India’s growing programmes for women’s development.

Contact number:- (011)23361561/23361662

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Canteen CMC Hospital, Vellore

A National Project serving CMC, Vellore as a Canteen and drop-in-centre since 1947 has been appreciated over the forty years of its existence.  The belief that the YWCA Canteen in the Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore is fulfilling an important purpose in meeting the real needs of many hard working hospital staff, students and patients and their relatives demanded that the services had to be constantly upgraded and expanded and improved a process that began in the Centenary year of CMC Hospital.  A commitment made to TotalQuality marked the programme of improvement and expansion of facilities and services. 

Contact number:- (0416) 2220207/ 2282633

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Anandagiri, Ootacamund

The Holiday Home has a total number of thirty three rooms including cottages and can meet all requirements be it for marriages, conferences who prefers to book it .

To enable travelers on STD booth has been installed with proposals for CYBER Café also in the offering.  To avail of the best of plants and horticulture facilities, the Project has recently taken up membership with the Nilgiri Rose Society.  The Project Committee is diligently taking care of the day to day matters with cooperation of the staff and continues to be host to many a workshop and camp of the YWCA of India, and Local YWCA’s, the National Christian Council, Girl Guides, Student Christian Movement, Bible Society etc. are also utilizing the services of “Anandagiri” effectively.

Contact number:- (0423)2442218/ 2444262


Working Women’s Hostel, Chandigarh

Located in the picturesque and well maintained city of Chandigarh, the Working Women’s Hostel came into existence in late 70s in Sector B one of the posh locality of the city.  The land on which the building was erected was donated to the YWCA for the work of the community, however, noting the need for a working women’s hostel, the land was accordingly utilized.

Contact number:- (0712)2749764 / 4013511

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