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The YWCA –A Page from History

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1875 : First YWCA is formed in India and Bombay (Mumbai)
1887 : A home for five women was the beginning of hostels in India.
1890 : Poona (Pune) constructs the first YWCA building in India
1896 : National YWCA is has headquarters at Calcutta (Kolkata)
1897 : National YWCA affiliated to World Movement
1900 : First ‘Holiday Home’ opens in Simla (Shimla)
1903 : National Headquarters move to Bombay (Mumbai)
1915 : National YWCA Constitution drawn up in India, Burma and Ceylon
1919 : National Headquarters returns to Calcutta (Kolkata)
1920 : First Summer School opens in Ootacamund
1928 : The YWCA of New York gives ‘Anandagiri’ to the National YWCA
1942 : National Headquarters move to Lucknow
1947 : Delhi School of Social Work is founded; India, Pakistan, Burma & Ceylon become separate National Associations
1954 : National YWCA Headquarters move to Delhi
1975 : Centenary of YWCA of India is celebrated
1996 : National YWCA completes 100 years of service
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  • Orientation for the new National Board Members of 2014-18, 22nd-23rd March 2014

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Local News:
The YWCA of Delhi invites applications for the post of General Secretary..  Master’s Degree preferably MSW/Sociology within Minimum of 10 yrs experience in senior position.  Apply by 30th April, 2013 by 5:00p.m to   psywcaofdelhi@gmail.com