YWCA OF India Since 1896

Work of Local YWCA's across the country

YWCA of Madras conducted a free camp on spreading awareness on breast cancer for the community women and made them aware of the causes, symptoms, and the available treatment of the disease. 40 women participated in this camp and this helped them in clearing all their doubts, myths about the disease.

One of the major initiatives taken by the YWCA was to raise the whole question of peace in Palestine. A movie-‘Lemon Tree’ was screened at the YWCA of Madras as initiatives like these would help in sensitizing people about the whole question of peace in Palestine and to end the ongoing struggle.

Keeping our environment clean- Awareness programmes on how to keep environment clean were conducted by the YWCA of Tuticorin as they went into the communities and displayed slogans of keeping the environment clean by sticking posters and banners in the village.

YWCA of Coimbatore has been focusing on young women’s issues for many years and this year they organized an awareness camp on ‘Issues during adolescence’ in the month of January 2011 and various issues such as changes in their body and knowing more about hygiene and health were discussed.

The Ekta Programme was conducted by the YWCA of Bombay, which was the culmination of the Eco Friendly Week observed by YWCA from 17th to 22nd January 2011. The week had discussions on rain water harvesting and it was a platform for all the members to share their views and implement new ideas on how to save water. A competition was also conducted for the study centre children where they made puppets from old cardboards and waste bottles.

With the increase in HIV AIDS cases in India, a lot of awareness has to be spread and YWCA has to take the lead in sensitizing people and YWCA of Mangalore has taken the role of a counselor to one of the HIV positive patients. They have extended full support to a woman and a child in fighting the disease.

One of the most creative ways to talk about issues is through street plays and shows and YWCA of Berhampur did a small street play on HIV and AIDS in one of the small villages near Pallur in the month of December 2010.they also distributed leaflets which they collected from the health department which explained the myths and facts about the disease.

Lobbying for change- members of YWCA of Calicut organized a joint protest against the Sowmya incident and they also had a signature campaign in February 2011. Sowmya , a young girl was raped and killed while she was travelling from Kochi (Kerala), this created a lot of anger among the people as the level of safety for women was questioned by the people as she was travelling in the ladies compartment. The signature campaign as well as the protest forced the Kerala government to look into the question of safety for women.

Media - During the Week Without violence in November 2010, a press release was published in all the local newspapers wherein demand was put for firm action to be taken by the judiciary and the State Government if and where an incident of Child abuse, rape, molestation of any form of violence is reported. Because of this, a lot of cases were reported and a level of awareness among the people was also created.

YWCA of Dehradun organized a unique training programme for senior citizens in the month of December 2010 for starting their own self help group by making dusters, sweet boxes, chalk making, etc. This enabled them earn as well as save some money and they also helped them open a bank account.

YWCA of Ranchi observed AIDS Day in the month of December 2010 where they organized an awareness programme on AIDS with the hostel residents and they also distributed posters on AIDS during the programme.

YWCA of Jabalpur conducted a health and hygiene camp for ‘Anganwadi’ school children in Sethi nagar and regular sessions on health are being conducted for the children as well as for their mothers.

YWCA of Thodupuzha went into the interiors of Idduki district which was affected by major landslides and they gave counseling to the families affected by the disaster in the month of December 2010.

YYWCA of Thrissur has been very closely working for the HIV positive patients by giving them counseling and also giving educating the HIV positive children.

Being a Neighbour to the earth- The YWCA of Thrissur installed a bio-gas plant near the hostel kitchen wherein the waste is utilized to produce gas which is directly used in the kitchen.

YWCA of Kayamkulam did an awareness class on global warming, the importance of energy conservation and all the members have agreed to create a vermin compost in their homes.