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Annual Report of the YWCA of India April 2009-March 2010`

The YWCA of India with 85 local associations and membership of 10,000 women is part of a global movement of 25 million women and girls in 110 countries. Being a pioneer women's movement in India, it advocates for women's rights, works towards their development, promotes and sustains women's leadership for justice, peace, health, human dignity, freedom and care for the environment.

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Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Women's rights and well-being are under threat all the time, either within the family or outside its confines. Despite the extensive work done by the civil society organisations to create safe spaces for women, freedom from violence, personal, economic and political security and full access to sexual and reproductive health services ,treatment and care are but a few of the basic human rights yet to be enjoyed by many women worldwide

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