The Keep Calm and Get Tested Campaign by YWCA of India for HIV/AIDS began as an initiative to get young people aware about HIV/AIDS and get themselves, their peers and community tested, to know their status and take appropriate action to ensure a long and healthy life. The young members of our movement kick started the campaign in August 2015 at the YDEEPA Leaders Training and we wish to keep the momentum of the campaign going by getting every local association, every member of our movement to join hands in taking this forward by conducting workshops, sessions or programs in schools, colleges and other youth centres to help the youth receive accurate information regarding HIV/AIDS and prevent its spread by getting tested. 

For IEC Material (The Keep Calm and Get Tested T-Shirts and Y’s Eyes Magazine on HIV/AIDS) or any queries pertaining to the campaign, do email us at or call or message at +91 8130420515.


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