Our Advocacy

Surrogacy Act

The YWCA of India joined with India Alliance for Child Rights to discuss the Surrogacy Act. While children born through surrogates are guaranteed the right to dignity, protection from sale or trafficking, registration of his or her birth and to know his or her parents, that is not always the case. Circumstances change in the case of commissioned parents [not wanting the child/divorce/death of a spouse], or the child could have a disability or is from a multiple birth. These children are stateless, adopted or in orphanages and in some cases not traceable. A Commissioned child as well, has no records maintained and there is no follow up on their wellbeing.

We at YWCA of India, advocate stringent laws and processes to be made and followed to safeguard children’s rights and the surrogate mother.

50% Reservation Bill

For 21 years now, organisations have been struggling to get the Women’s Reservation Bill passed. The YWCA of India organised and participated in numerous Demonstrations, Peace Marches and Protests with other NGOs and Women’s organisations. A National Signature Campaign was conducted, where 4,000 signatures were sent to the YWCA of India from 13 of the local Associations.

The YWCA of India has been lobbying with political leaders and parliamentarians (our most recent meetings were with Ms. Sonia Gandhi and the Honourable President of India, Mr. Ram Nath Kovind).