Our Work

Following the purpose of the World YWCA, we at the YWCA of India seek to develop the leadership and collective power of women and girls around the world to achieve justice, peace, health, human dignity, freedom and a sustainable environment for all people. With the presence of 86 YWCAs in India and a 7,000 strong volunteer force, the YWCA of India reaches out to women and girls of different ages, economic, ethnic, occupational, religious and cultural backgrounds.

Being one of the largest women’s movements, we are in a strong position to be an agent for social transformation and change. We network with the government, policy makers, corporations, local communities and the general public. Our programmes in the communities aim at holistic development of women and girls making them employable citizens with a deep sense of commitment to society. The intent is to develop a scalable and sustainable model for development.

The YWCA of India on behalf its membership and National Board calls upon your partnership and assistance, inviting you to join in its journey of change through care, development and empowerment of women and girls.