Tree Plantation Drive 2019

Dear Presidents and General Secretaries of Local associations

Greetings from YWCA of India!

As we recall, in the quadrennium 2010-2014, one of our key themes of work was ‘Neighbour to the Earth’ and as YWCA of India across the country, we planted trees and saplings to save our Earth. Where are we now?

If we look around us, we see fewer trees, water scarcity; and we are prone to more diseases such as cancer, asthma, etc… What has led to this is one question which we often ask each other. Our theme pushed us to work towards safeguarding our mother earth. With our action plan being focused on ‘Women against violence’ this quadrennium, we as women need to protect our environment as we are most vulnerable and subject to violence where there is scarcity of water and other natural calamities.

We as YWCA of India need to commit ourselves to saving the Environment every year by planting more trees and saplings. To make it a yearly mandate, the YWCA of India is observing 15th August every year as the day of tree plantation. This drive is especially under the UN ‘Green Summit’ Convention where every country who has signed this Convention (India is one of the signed countries) need to take serious steps towards climate change.

What can the YWCA do?

  • We are powerful, empowered women who are spread across 86 local associations and 14 Groups in Formation across the country who have the capacity to change the world. Let’s pledge to plant minimum 500 trees on this day!
  • Plant herbal trees and plants which are beneficial to us (like neem,tulsi, curry leaves,etc) and also sturdy trees like mango, guava, litchi, jamun.
  • Spread the message and let others also join our cause
  • Share your reports not only to the YWCA but also to our networking partners and well wishers for the movement.

This year and the years to come, pledge to plant more trees and also to spread the awareness on importance of tree plantation.

For any more details on this initiative, you can email your queries to Ms Tanya D’Souza at

Wishing you a green Independence day!

YWCA of India Family