Young Women


The Keep Calm and Get Tested Campaign by YWCA of India for HIV/AIDS began as an initiative to get young people aware about HIV/AIDS and get themselves, their peers and community tested, to know their status and take appropriate action to ensure a long and healthy life. The young members of our movement kick started the campaign in August 2015 at the YDEEPA Leaders Training. 

The YWCA of India is working along the guidelines of the UNAIDS 90-90-90 Goal by 2020 to get 90% of all people living with HIV to know their status and for 90% of people diagnosed with HIV infection to receive sustained Anti-retroviral Therapy (ART), which should lead to viral suppression.

For IEC Material (The Keep Calm and Get Tested T-Shirts and Y’s Eyes Magazine on HIV/AIDS) or any queries pertaining to the campaign, do email us at or call or message at +91 8130420515.


The YWCA movement has been an active participant of the One Billion Rising Campaign held every 14th February.

The National Office in 2018 had conducted an awareness building session in Pipal Chhaya where the girls were taught the One Billion Rising dance and informed of its significance. The YWCA of Mokokchung had also participated in the campaign.

This year in 2019, we are hoping more local associations would join in standing up against violence against women and asking for more dialogue to be conducted and more gender sensitisations.